Terms and Conditions


Terms of use

The website of the company Casa Electric - Tara Jani https://casaelectric.gr provides the possibility of electronic orders to its users / customers, operating as b2b and provides its services with the acceptance, by the users, of the following Terms of Use. If you place orders through our website, you automatically accept these terms. Please read them carefully, at regular intervals, in order to be informed of any changes. Changes will be made without notice to users.


When you visit the website of Casa Electric and send orders or emails, you automatically accept the right of the company, respectively, to contact you electronically. You agree in advance that electronic communication and the information circulated through it meet the applicable legal requirements and rules regarding the exchange of such information in writing.

Your order can be shipped:
• via email to the email address: info@casaelectric.gr.
• using your account and the electronic ordering system through the company's website https://casaelectric.gr.
• through the customer service department at 2610 341664.
For the fastest and safest service, we suggest sending your orders in writing, stating:
• the invoicing code and / or the item model
• the exact description of the products as well as the exact quantity you would like to procure. If your order does not state the quantity you want, then the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) will be sent to you.

PRODUCT RETURNS - RMA (Return Merchandise Agreement)

In any case, all returned products must be accompanied by a consignment note, which must be accompanied by a special returned products form (RMA form), which you can find and print from our website. RMA products must be packaged individually and in such a way that they are not damaged during transport. Products shipped without a standard package to protect them will not be accepted.
1. The cost of shipping the goods shall be borne by the customer, provided that a transport company is used.
2. Goods to be returned for credit invoicing must: • be in excellent condition and in their original packaging,
• there should be no stickers (eg prices, etc.) on them or on their packaging and during transport, they should be packed in a separate package (box) so as not to be damaged.
3. Returns are accepted within 14 days from the date of issue of the invoice for the purchase of returned products, after prior telephone notification.
4. Defective products are not accepted for credit invoice issuance. They are repaired or replaced with new ones, if they are under warranty.
You need to send us the RMA products:
• with all their accessories and accessories,
The RMA form correctly completed,
• the accompanying consignment note and the retail receipt / sales invoice for the specific products.
The above are sent at the expense of the sender, at the headquarters of our company, 185 Maizonos Street, Patras.
In the absence of any of the above, the RMA product cannot be accepted. After receiving the above and carrying out the necessary inspection by our technical department to determine the problem of the products mentioned in the RMA form, then:
• if the products are repairable, then we repair them and send them to you together with your next order,
• if the products are not repairable and are under warranty, then they are replaced with new ones.
5. If it is found that the damage was caused by misuse or misuse by the customer, then the product is out of warranty.
6. Returns of products will not be accepted if they have been damaged during transport by the transport company.
7. Before sending the goods for return, it is necessary to have in your hands the acceptance of the return form, sealed and signed by our company.
8. No refunds but products of equal or greater value.
9. Products with special order are not returned.
10. Used products are not returned.
The entire content found on the website of the company Casa Electric - Tara Jani https://casaelectric.gr, as indicative and not binding, texts, graphics,